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Some of you delight in gardening — the fresh air, the feel of dirt on your hands, the sun on your back.

Others of you would rather enjoy the earthly delights of beautiful outdoor spaces without all the work.

Which are you?  In either case, know that if you’re facing

any kind of landscape challenge, Willow Hill can help.

Willow Hill Landscape Design listens to you, offering services

and expertise with as much, or as little, assistance as you wish.


What is the first step towards making your dreams for your outdoor spaces a reality?


To help you evaluate your needs and desires, we provide a free self-assessmentClick Here


With this brief intro we’ll begin establishing a few key points to help focus our discussion:

• Assessing your current space:  landscape, yard and/or garden.

• Gaining an understanding of your challenges and what you hope to accomplish.

• Learning what your options are and how Willow Hill Landscape Design can help.


Or, if you simply want to ask a question, contact Willow.

It is exciting to begin to feel closer to achieving your goals!